Welcome to Tapping Talent

What is Tapping Talent?

Tapping Talent is an initiative that was started by several higher education administrators in the Spring of 2016  after a list of committee members did not have any mid-level professionals of color.  The idea was born, how can we increase the numbers of undergraduates of color who chose to work in higher education and grow the pipeline. Though the founders come from student affairs, the initiative is to look at the industry of higher education. Information technology staff, admissions officers, alumni and development staff, human resources, facilities, career services, you name it, there are dozens of departments in every institution of higher education that could be benefit from a more diverse staff.

What About the Name?

As undergraduates you can’t major in admissions, registrar, fundraising, residence life etc, and the pathways into the field aren’t always clear. Most of us were ‘tapped’ by a trusted mentor, staff member, advisor who said, “You would be great working in higher education”. Thus the name Tapping Talent.

How Can You Help?

This is a grass roots initiative. We believe that if each of the professional staff who reads this blog or looks at the website or follows the twitter field, identifies on undergraduate student of color who is a sophomore, junior or even a senior and says to him or her, why don’t you apply for a job at a college, or why don’t you get a graduate degree in XXX and then become a (fill in the blank) at a university, then you /we will have sparked a student to think about our industry which we all love.

Thank you!