Our connection partners are professionals in the field of Higher Education who have volunteered to serve as Connection Partners.  Connection partners are here to answer your questions about the field.

Click on the picture to read a brief biography. If you would like to connect with a partner email us at info@tappingtalent.org

Alana Anderson
Caitlin Bailey
Katie Bell
Alex Cabal
Jennifer Cheng
Amy Chung
Connie Cabello
Rebecca Comage
Jamie Glanton Costello, PhD
Walter Diaz
Monique Gnanaratnam
Jacinda Félix Haro
Nathania Francois
Brandin Howard
Rob Jones
Cassie Keo
Marvin Loiseau
Michelle Rosa Martins
O'Shane Morgan
Sara Swillo Muckian
Ally Petrosinelli
Carolyn Tidwell