A not so straight path to Student Conduct Work

The area of student conduct is a unique one to work in. Not only do I get the opportunity to invest in students, but I also get to influence policy and hone some other skills. While technically I am an office of one, I have indirect oversight of about 17 people in their capacity as a hearing officer. My pathway to student conduct is not traditional by any means. I was never an RA or an RD. Not only did I not know that there was such as thing as a conduct office at colleges and universities, but I also had no idea that higher education was even a “thing.” I graduated from college with a business degree and worked in the real estate development and management field. At some point, I decided to change a job and found myself working in the president’s office at a state university. Simply put, I have strong organizational skills and office work comes easy to me…that’s how I landed this administrative job. Through pure observation that everybody else either had a master’s degree or higher and noticing I was the only person of color in that office, I felt the need to go back to school. Since at this point I was working in a university, I decided to enroll in a program that fed my interest of working with young people and the next generation. No, this did not translate into studying in a higher education/student affairs program. Remember, I still didn’t quite know that higher education was a “thing.” Instead, I pursued a master’s degree in criminal justice. It was at the conclusion of this program and several informational interviews later, that I learned that student conduct is an area to work in. What got me really excited was the opportunity to mentor and invest in students. Long story short, I was hired into a newly created office specifically to help oversee student conduct. These days, I am pursuing my doctorate and am proud to say that I will be graduating this May with my Doctor of Education in Higher Education Administration.



Cassie Kao is the Associate Director Community Standards and Residence Life

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