10 Ideas for Careers in Higher Education Month

  1. A panel discussion with the Registrar Bursar Financial Aid, IT co-sponsored with
    Account and IT departments
  2. An introduction to working at a college to your First Gen Program participants
  3. Creating mini-shadow experience (2-3 hours) with an administrator on campus
  4. Scavenger hunt around campus into different offices, Alumni, Advancement,
    Facilities where students have to find the answers to question about working at a
    college/university in exchange for a small reward (Ask the Orientation staff for ideas).
  5. Identify offices that will hire a summer undergraduate intern (connect with Career
    Services) or partner with area colleges to promote internship exchanges
  6. Invite 3-5 representatives from graduate schools in the area that have programs
    and assistantships for graduate students.
  7. Ask the Admission Tours Guides to design a special tour around campus for
    current students that will take them to offices around campus where staff can talk about
    salaries, career paths, and core competencies.
  8. Invite a group of alumni who work in higher education to come back to campus to
    discuss their careers and graduate school options.
    9.Host a progressive mini dinner across divisions (beverage in Admissions, salad in
    Financial Aid, pizza in Student Affairs, desserts in Res Life/Stud Activities/Multicultural)
  9. Create buttons that say ASK ME ABOUT MY JOB and have staff wear them all